Thursday, 22 October 2015


There is no doubt that telekinesis and other psychic abilities will be of immeasurable value post-Crisis, not least because they do not require any external power source. The strongest mentalists will be ‘recruited’ by the makeshift government / council of elders and will be coerced into using their strange, frightening powers for what passes for the common good. Ironically, it is more than likely that in all other parts of the country there will be a frenzied backlash against such powers, with old women, comely unmarried women, half-witted boys and middle aged men with large collections of things being persecuted for their alleged involvement in ‘witchcraft’. The crackdown will be cruel, illogical and obsessed with sexual torture. Central government will not intervene, as this activity will take the place of telly for a population who, otherwise, might notice that all of their hair is falling out and the milk has a green tinge, and so is preferable to the mass hysteria that a true understanding of the situation would inevitably bring.

Psychics will be used for all sorts of things, indeed, it will take careful management to ensure that their other worldly talents are not used for trivial matters like entertaining kids and saying who is at the door. Divination will be vital, particularly with regard to weather conditions and uncovering vital commodities like water, coal and edible roots. All skills are honed by practice, so the house psychics will flourish in a climate where their abilities are encouraged and valued and used rather than distrusted and suppressed. Over time psychic networks will develop: locally, regionally, nationally, internationally. Eventually, perhaps five or six years after The Crisis, there will come a time when the psychics, bolstered by years of practice and soundless head conferences, decide to make their move. The King will tell a psychic to do something and the psychic will instead raise their fingers to their temples and stare intently, and the King will fall back in agony before being hoisted into the air by the power of the mind alone and then flung across the room. Guards will enter the room to intervene, but will be frozen in their tracks by a quick hand movement from the now imperious psychic. This will happen all over the country, all over the world. The psychic will be King then, and they will be cruel and unkillable overlords.  
If you are a psychic, a mystic, someone who regularly experiences premonitions or déjà vu, someone who is unnaturally lucky, someone who says ‘I knew you were going to say that’ or texts someone as they are thinking about you; if you wear a non-faith based turban, or have a white streak in your otherwise jet black hair; if you have ever felt psychic vibrations, or smelled someone’s aura; if you see ghosts; if you can remember a time before you were born; if you can sense visitors, or hear vibes; if you can commune with cats; if you have ever considered looking into Eastern religions; if you like the smell of joss sticks and eschew footwear, if your kids creep you out and stuff in their room moves of its own accord, then contact the Ministry of Low Intensity Operations immediately. Or the Police, you could just call them. There is no cause for concern, but it is better to hand yourself in than be hunted down. You will be treated humanely, as there are now experimental methods to render you acceptable.

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